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Paper Hat Productions is a revolutionary company that serves to expose cutting-edge, emerging artists to the world in non-traditional gallery openings. Tired of boring openings where you talk to the artist(s), poke around, and then leave, Rick Kitagawa and Eve Skylar came together to create something new and different - enter the Art Riot Extravaganza.

Wanting to create a fun, collaborative atmosphere filled with other forms of art such as music, theater, dance, and video, Paper Hat has created the Art Riot Extravaganza - a celebration of artists of all genres and styles. Paper Hat wants gallery openings to become something more than just a stop-over on the way to a bar. Paper Hat wants a one-stop destination for everyone: whether they are the casual gallery hopper, someone looking for awesome eye candy, a serious art collector, or just someone out for an awesome experience!

Rick and Eve also blog about life as a professional artists, creativity, and share artists' resources as Monkey + Seal. You can read their blog here.